AGVs & SMPTs for railway sector

DTA has designed and manufactured different solutions in self-propelled and agv´s for the railway industry The movement of the coaches/wagons/trains/trams ars are done with synchronized AGVs to work in tandem. This solution is possible when loads are very long.

This versatile solution allows you to move each AGV individually to move bogies, engines or other types of cargo.

The advantages of our solutions for the movement of loads in the railway sector are:

• Improved handling avoiding mistakes that could damage the product or the dough.

• Previously to DTA, loads were handled with obsolete transport systems that were even dangerous to manipulate and nowadays with our solutions, clients gain in safety and productivity.

• With our Smart solutions the reduction of human errors also minimizes accidents.

• DTA is an innovative company in technology thanks to our know how since 1972.

• Payback of these solutions are in a shorter period of time, specially if they work in 3x shifts, 24/7 year.