AGVs & SMPTs for nuclear sector

DTA is developing and delivering fully automated solutions for the nuclear sector, as well as solutions for heavy loads using SPMTs. In the nuclear sector, DTA has supplied AGVs and SMPTs to move containers with waste, which have to work with the safest devices on the market to avoid any type of accident.

Our solutions go through AGVs with natural and optical navigation.

The advantages of our solutions for the movement of loads in the nuclear sector are:

• Strengthening occupational safety with our intelligent solutions. We understand that in a sector such as nuclear, the safety of personnel is key given the high risk of many operations. The fact that the human stops intervening in the most dangerous points of the process is a vital element.

• Maximum safety in the facilities, in a sector such as nuclear in which the safety of the facilities is the first objective, the movement of intelligent loads with AGVs designed for the nuclear sector greatly improves this factor.

• The loads can be very different in weight and size, the possibility of having different AGVs adapted to each type of load.

• In an industry where precision is vital, the ability to create AGV vehicles with specific size, height and load specifications make them indispensable in the reality of the 21st century.

• Show yourself as a leading technology and innovative company to clients or investors thanks to our latest generation AGVs for the sector.

• Payback of these solutions are in a shorter period of time, specially if they work in 3x shifts, 24/7 year.