AGVs & SMPTs for steel industry

DTA is developing and delivering fully automated solutions for the steel industry. The most innovative solution is outdoors automation where our AGVs handles coils, billet, plates, slabs, etc, … replace people and counterbalanced trucks working 3 shifts the 7 days a week if necessary.

We are automating the movement of coils, billets, profiles, generally very heavy loads in which the precision of movement that our solutions can provide is essential.

The advantages of our solutions for the movement of loads in the steel sector are:

• Improved handling avoiding mistakes that could damage the product.

• Strengthening occupational safety with our smart solutions, one of the most important points for the steel sector, this is a very important fact to take into account since the absence of human error also minimizes workplace accidents. • Maintenance-free solutions compared to other conventional solutions.

• DTA as a leading technology and innovative company to clients or investors thanks to our latest generation AGVs for the sector.

• Since our solutions are tailor-made, integrate AGVs, specific weights or specific volumes within the plant.

• Our technicians and engineers will analyze your needs to offer a customized solution.

• Recover your investment in a shorter time. In companies that, due to their production rate, work in 3 shifts, 24/7, like many steelmill companies, ROI is greatly increased with this technology.