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AGVs & SMPTs for automotive sector

The vast majority of car and automotive component manufacturers rely on DTA solutions. Mainly, the solution is forhandling molds&dies and coils through transporters with diesel propulsion for long distances, hybrids to work in electric within the plant and in diesel for outdoors.

The carts can be self-propelled, operated with radio control or include a cabin so that the operator can go inside due to the long distances. We also make trolleys with a push pull system to transfer the mold from the trolley to the press and vice versa.

In addition to self-propelled solutions, we are automating the movement of coils and molds without operators.

The advantages of our solutions for the movement of loads in the automotive sector are:

• Improved handling avoiding mistakes that could damage the product or the dough.

• Previously to DTA, loads were handled with obsolete transport systems, which now makes us gain in safety and productivity.

• Reinforcement of occupational safety with our intelligent solutions, this is a very important fact to take into account since the reduction of human error also minimizes occupational accidents.

• Show yourself as a leading technology and innovative company to clients or investors thanks to our latest generation AGVs for the sector.

• Payback of these solutions are in a shorter period of time, specially if they work in 3x shifts, 24/7 year