AGVs & SMPTs for aeronautical and aerospace industry

One of the sectors where DTA has more references is in the aeronautical and aerospace industry . Our solutions always go through automated solutions working the AGVs individually or synchronized with other units.

Our AGVs mainly work moving tools of all kinds in terms of dimensions and load capacity.

The advantages of our solutions for cargo movement in the aeronautical / aerospace sector are:

• Improved handling avoiding mistakes that could damage the product or the dough.

• Reinforcement of occupational safety with our intelligent solutions, this is a very important fact to take into account since the reduction of human error also minimizes occupational accidents.

DTA is a leading technology and innovative company to clients or investors thanks to our latest generation AGVs for the sector.

• Payback of these solutions are in a shorter period of time, specially if they work in 3x shifts, 24/7 year